Techno Concierge for Implementing the Innovative Business

CUSIC inc.


Technology Consulting

In order to overcome the various technical Challenges, CUSIC dispatches experienced engineers and scientists to the client’s location. They analyze the origin of the technical problem objectively to determine the necessary tasks. CUSIC also offers the client a suitable production system.

Marketing and Business Planning

CUSIC performs marketing research while considering the client’s core competency and purpose of business. This is a necessary process for fixing the business plan. Then, CUSIC contributes to the design of the business plan. After fixing the business plan, CUSIC proposes a work breakdown structure (WBS).

Consignment Study

In order to complement the client’s research facility, CUSIC carries out research and development in conjunction with partner laboratories.

Patent Consulting

In order to find unseen advantages, CUSIC executes an assessment of the client’s technologies. Then CUSIC provides the drafts of description and claims. The concept involved in the claim might be generalized.

Design and Prototyping of Experimental Devices

CUSIC may design and fabricate customized to facilitate the experimental activity of the client.

Arranging and Conducting Seminars, Lectures, and Short Courses

CUSIC dispatches an expert lecturer to conduct courses and ensure that the client has requisite expertise about the new field of technology.

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