Techno Concierge for Implementing the Innovative Business

CUSIC inc.

Company Profile

Company name CUSIC Inc.
Founding November 13, 2014
Capital 2,500,000 JPY
Services Technology consulting
Market research and business planning
Consignment study
Patent consulting
Design and prototyping of experimental devices
Arranging and conducting of seminars, lectures, and short course
Directors Representative director Hiroyuki Nagasawa
Director Yasuo Suzuki
Director Masanori Adachi
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Competency of CUSIC

  1. Using international network, CUSIC adapts cutting-edge technologies to client’s business.
  2. CUSIC responds immediately for emerging trouble of client’s production system as well as for long term business development.
  3. CUSIC synthesizes technology, intellectual property, and alliance strategy for preparing and/ or improving the client’s business plan.


Profile of senior consultant


Dr. Hiroyuki Nagasawa

1987 He entered Toshiba Corporation as an engineer of VLSI processing technology. He transferred the developed processing technology from laboratory to mass production plants.
1989 He entered material development laboratory, Hoya Corporation. He developed a thin SiC film deposition technology for implementing the x-ray lithography.
1991 He developed an atomic layer epitaxy technology for forming mono-crystalline 3C-SiC film on six inches Si substrates. This was largest record of mono-crystalline SiC diameter at that time.
1997 He got a degree of Doctor of Engineering. The thesis title for doctorate is ‘Mono-crystal 3C-SiC formation through atomic layer epitaxy’
1998 He developed a technology for growing mono-crystalline bulk 3C-SiC. He invented unique technologies for enhancing the epitaxial growth rate and reducing the defect density.
2002-2006 He established Hoya Advanced Semiconductor Technologies corporation (HAST) as one of the founders. He promoted development of 3C-SiC bulk growth technology. HAST started production of 3C-SiC wafers. He also started 3C-SiC MOSFET and GaN/SiC HEMT developments collaborating with partner laboratories.
2006 He developed an advanced homo-epitaxial technology for reducing extended defects in 3C-SiC. This results in implementation of Normally-off 600V power switching MOSFET with highest channel mobility of 370cm²/V/sec.
2013 He joind Tohoku University, Research institute of electric communication, as a visiting professor. He is managing research project of SiC and Graphene.

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